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Goeco has been receiving positive feedback from different types of industries, here is a collection of the most relevant ones.

"A powerful concept to influence the lifestyle of people that offer the user personal and immediate insight about their transport behaviour."
- SVID jury

"Three good things ... Imagine not having to do anything at all, only living, and then you get a direct oversight of your choices ... if they are economical, environmently friendly, or healthy?"
- Fredrik Leek at Revenues

"The group behind goeco is talented last-year students at the master course Interaction and Design. They have unusually good ability to combine their knowledge around interaction design with technological quality around system development for mobile platforms"
- Martin Wiklund at Uminova/InfoTech

"Okay, so I am the environment criminal of the day, and I suspected that without the new environment service in my phone. But I would like to have it so that I can calculate how much carbon dioxide emission and other costs I stand for today."
- Mikael Hansson

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Ways of connecting with us

E-mail: info@goeco.se
Phone: +4670 268 86 48
Twitter: @letsgoeco (or just #letsgoeco your post)
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